What we do is common.
How we do it is not.

There is haute couture in fashion, haute cuisine in food and haute horlogerie in watch-making. Each of these activities elevate a skill, whether sewing, cooking or engineering, to an art form that inspires awe and desire in the people who enjoy the finished products. We do the same thing for brands.

About Us

Studio Projet Noir is a boutique creative agency operating from Malta, focusing on Branding, Design and Digital.

Our creative design agency is small and we strive hard to keep it that way. Studio Projet Noir handles only a select number of projects at one time, preferring to dedicate all our energy in developing high-quality creations. We strive to create the best and we are not satisfied otherwise. Only when there’s nothing more to add, nor anything else to take away, do we sign our work and deliver it to you.

High quality work demands a lot of commitment and effort. Our creative design agency may not be the cheapest design solution around, yet we don’t believe in cutting corners and making compromises in our creations. Accordingly, our quotes will fairly reflect the quality of the end-result.

Studio Projet Noir offer a compelling mix of insightful strategy, sharp content and brand-building design. Our passion is making the complex simple – and the simple beautifully engaging. As Richard Branson said, “Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to make something simple.”

We believe that at their most productive, brands are dynamic agents who initiate change and that they stimulate and help create our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. We won’t let our expertise get in the way of listening closely to what your company wants; our first priority is always to create work that satisfies our clients.

We strive to give your brand an edge over the competition in its potential to inspire, involve and connect with customers.

At Studio Projet Noir we help you position your brand exactly where it is most productive. We help your brand understand its fundamental purpose, embrace the audacity of being creative, build uniformity and stability throughout all media and innovate to maintain significance among customers.

We at Studio Projet Noir are here to help YOU grow YOUR brand, serve your customers better and spread your message more effectively.

Contact us so that we can be a part of that process with you.