A huge advertising space and busy location alone will not guarantee your message getting through!

Studio Projet Noir believes that billboard design is an art unto itself, and a tricky one at that. As static as it may seem, billboard design is actually inextricably linked with time and speed.

Billboard Design

There isn’t a lot too look forward to when you’re leaving home in the morning, or returning there after a long day at the office, and you have to face a traffic jam à la Maltaise.

Business owners tend to see it a bit differently though.

Drivers are as captive an audience as you’ll get for your brand, and capturing their attention with an original billboard design can go a long way to cement your brand in their minds.

As a creative agency, Studio Projet Noir will help you by delivering billboard design that sport bold and clear messages which communicate and deliver instantly through good use of typography, colour, design and imagery.

Whether you’re aiming to shock the audience a little, or give them a reason to chuckle while stuck in traffic, Studio Projet Noir will make sure that every square inch on your billboard design works exactly the way you want it to. As a creative agency, we have the tools and expertise to do just that.

Any creative agency knows that whether they’re crawling along at a snail’s pace or zooming by, your audience won’t appreciate a billboard design concept that takes a long time to decipher. They’re either too frustrated or going too quick for that!

Studio Projet Noir knows that good billboard design has to convey a message that must be grasped in split-seconds — whether it is a product launch or a product which is already on the market; a service you offer, or an event you are promoting, our creative agency has the billboard design for your needs.

As a creative agency, Studio Projet Noir will come up with a billboard design that stands out and is easy to understand. Not only will your brand’s billboard design be able to effectively market your message, it will also serve to brighten up your customers’ journey.