A company name and its brand should last the test of time.

What’s in a name, you might ask? In a name there’s all that you are, and all that you can be. And that is why we at Projet Noir take brand and business naming so seriously.

Brand & Business Naming

Name and identity are inextricably linked. One brings to mind the other, and this is true to companies as it is with people.

We at Studio Projet Noir believe that brand and business naming isn’t just the creation of a unique handle that let others know its your business they’re referring to, rather than anyone else’s. Brand and business naming is a crucial marketing activity onto itself.

Your brand name is laden with sentiments and values. At our creative agency, we approach the process of brand and business naming with the care it deserves.

Brand and business naming is the first step in helping your organisation assert itself as a unique player in the marketplace. As a boutique creative agency, Studio Projet Noir understands the need of a timeless and unique brand and business naming that resonates with your business’ aims.

Brand and business naming should aim to create a name that sears the brand into the consciousness of its audience. As a creative agency we also recognise that it is an invaluable cornerstone of intellectual property and brand equity. Brand and business naming is the essence of brand expression and the embodiment of the personality of a new company, product, service or experience.

By tapping into our creative agency’s skills and business experience during brand and business naming, Studio Projet Noir can help you come up with a name that you will be satisfied with and which will also be in line with the brand position you want to achieve.

When our creative agency does brand and business naming, we ponder upon and tinker with every idea we get until we find the right name. A name that manages to encapsulate the very essence of your brand’s values and makes it apparent to anyone, whether they shout it out loud or whisper it.

Only then will Studio Projet Noir propose an idea, only then do we know that it’s the one.