Creating a set of brand guidelines helps define a uniform for consistency in your companies’ visual identity & materials.

The usefulness of having solid brand guidelines cannot be underestimated. Brand guidelines serve as a roadmap for employees, an outside creative agency and consultants working on behalf of your company to use when developing materials for you.

Brand Guidelines

The designers at Studio Projet Noir take great pride in being able to bend the rules of conventional design and produce something completely innovative. It’s one of the perks that comes with being a small creative agency that can duck and dodge its way around stale corporate designs and lukewarm branding efforts.

However, we at Studio Projet Noir understand that sometimes a rulebook is a good thing to have. Without proper brand guidelines, it only takes one miscalculation to wreck a brand’s effort to build a reputable image, and lose clients and money as a consequence.

It takes weeks for a creative agency to craft a sharp-looking brand logo that fits with your company’s values and story, but if it ends up being used in the wrong way, it will confuse your customers and they can easily disappear. That is why we at Studio Projet Noir believe in the importance of brand guidelines.

Brand guidelines are an essential tool for businesses to ensure that they communicate their message consistently. Brand guidelines standardise the way your message is spread across the wide range of channels they have available to connect with existing and potential customers.

As a creative agency, the team at Studio Projet Noir can draft brand guidelines such as style guides that help other writers and designers engaged by your company grasp correctly and quickly create corporate communication materials that fit the overall picture your brand is conveying.

A brand guidelines document will lay out to everyone in your business a set of rules regarding fonts, colour schemes, formatting and styling to keep all newly developed materials within a consistent visual identity.

Consistency is key for a brand image and brand guidelines are the means to achieve it. As a creative agency Studio Projet Noir helps you keep on track and, thanks to brand guidelines, deliver a customer experience that is universally satisfying and uniquely identifiable with you.