The key to a successful brand is a great story.

Every great story should be conveyed as simply as possible. Accordingly, Studio Projet Noir believes that the purpose of a good brand identity strategy is to convey only one message. Trust.

Brand Identity Strategy

Every creative agency knows that nobody is immune to the spell that a great story casts over our imagination, and consequently on our actions.

Equal parts explanation and inspiration, the story Studio Projet Noir creates for your business is a vital part of your brand identity strategy. It defines who you are by letting prospective clients know what you do and what you stand for.

The story that the team at Studio Projet Noir weaves for your brand identity strategy originates from your company’s core values. There’s no other way of doing it really.

As a creative agency, when we are working on brand identity strategy, we want to delve deep into the heart of your brand’s aspirations to serve clients and make their world a better place. Doing so lets us design a brand identity strategy that features your unique voice; that which defines you and distinguishes you from everybody else.

As boutique creative agency, Studio Projet Noir isn’t interested in cookie-cutter solutions. We want to craft a brand identity strategy that flows organically from your business’ key values and makes a bold statement about you in a noisy and indecisive marketplace.

It is crucial for a brand identity strategy to be memorable. You want people to think of you when they are deciding what to buy, because this means there is a chance they will spend their money on the product, service or experience you offer.

We know that you cannot control what people ultimately think about you, but by creating a strong brand identity strategy, we would like to think that our creative agency helps tip the balance in your favour.

The team at Studio Projet Noir knows a thing or two about creating a creative and effective brand identity strategy. We know that this process lies at the centre of a creative agency’s work and it is as much art as it is science. When we sit down to design a brand identity strategy, we pull together our expertise in design, photography, and typography in the service of your company.

But at the heart of it all, there is simply a story waiting to be told. Yours.