Rebranding a company’s goals, message, and culture is hard. Many have tried and most have failed.

Brand re-design and refresh need not be a painful process for a company. When trusted to the right creative agency, it can be a time where business owners’ can rediscover the unique contribution their business idea can give to the market for a successful brand re-design and refresh.

Brand Re-design

There are times when you simply have to hit the pause button on your brand and go back to the drawing board.

Whether it was because of some mishap, or due to unwise brand choices to begin with, Studio Projet Noir understands that brand re-design and refresh is a sensitive service that a creative agency has to offer with complete empathy and a strong focus on the next steps.

Our creative agency will always take a considered approach to re-design and refresh.

Going to the basics and reassessing the core values that informed your business decision will give Studio Projet Noir crucial information to find out what can be salvaged from your brand’s past and what has to be re-invented. This meticulous process makes brand re-design and refresh a challenging, yet rewarding endeavour.

In any case, as a creative agency, Studio Projet Noir infuses the re-design and refresh process with its characteristic attention to detail and determination to deliver a result that best fits the client’s needs.

A successful brand re-design and refresh campaign requires more than a revamped logo. It demands a creative agency that can come up with a solution that inspires customers, investors and others to see the company in a new light.

Studio Projet Noir can walk you through this process, giving you step-by-step advice and feedback to ensure that when your brand re-emerges, re-designed and refreshed, it will attract new and past customers to it.

At Studio Projet Noir we don’t turn away brands that need a re-design and refresh. On the contrary, we will support them throughout the re-design and refresh process. If the we need to re-invent the whole wheel, then we will. But sometimes, all you might need is just somebody to repair a puncture.