If your company casts conflicting messages clients will be pushed away.

We believe that branding shouldn’t simply take into account superficial considerations, but it’s forged out of the depths of the business owners’ beliefs and sense of purpose. This is, after all, precisely the way we are set up; our love for beautiful, functional design powers everything we do.


Good branding can be a tricky business. It is easy for a creative agency to fall into the trap of just creating fancy aesthetics; the bells and whistles which make a loud noise even though they’re essentially hollow instruments.

Studio Projet Noir offers an alternative way. As a boutique creative agency we are not beholden to conventional corporate standards. Instead we believe that the success of your branding efforts are inextricably tied to your business’ core values and beliefs.

As a small outfit, Studio Projet Noir can offer a level of personalised attention that larger design agencies cannot afford.

At Studio Projet Noir, we begin the branding process by taking all the time that is necessary to listen and understand the reasons why the world will be a better place thanks to the product, service or experience your business offers. Our creative agency will use this information to craft a compelling story, a message which forms the backbone of strong branding.

We make sure your branding conveys your core message consistently and that it is delivered well; that everyone understands it and that everyone wants to be a part of it.

In the eyes of clients and business partners, branding is all about your company’s first impressions. And first impressions count, since they are what people remember most after coming into contact with your organisation.

Studio Projet Noir specialises in creating memorable branding that is creative and consistent. As a boutique creative agency, we aim to deliver inspiring, quirky, smart and relevant branding solutions that help your business stand out of a crowded marketplace.

 Clients can be won or lost the very moment they lay eyes on your brand. Business relationships can be secured or lost in the instant when you hand over your business card. Having a powerful visual presence is important for your branding and, as a creative agency, Studio Projet Noir has the tools and expertise to influence the decisions people make about your brand.