In today’s world you still need to have a brochure because you want to give people something that’s too good to throw away.

When tastefully designed, a brochure and prospectus will not be something that people will throw away. On the contrary, your brochure or prospectus will become a silent ambassador for your company, proudly proclaiming to whoever picks it up and opens it what is it that your company does.

Brochure & Prospectus Design

In a world where marketing has gone mainly digital, and where bits and bytes are the stuff your branding material is mostly made up of, holding something tangible, like a brochure or prospectus, in one’s hands can have a deep impact on a potential customer.

At Studio Projet Noir, we are firm believers in beauty, it is forever what we aim for in all of our creations. An exquisitely designed brochure and prospectus can make a lasting impression on people, and become a permanent reminder to them of your brand even when they’re offline.

Our creative agency can help you put together a brochure or prospectus which people will treasure and keep for a long time.

We at Studio Projet Noir think that the benefits of good brochure and prospectus design apply just as powerfully to corporations.

As a creative agency we think companies need to have all their bases covered: online and offline. Handing a brochure or a prospectus to prospective and existing clients, even to business partners, can be an important step in securing future business relationships and spreading brand influence.

As a creative agency, Studio Projet Noir can complement your online digital branding efforts with a physical item, such as a brochure or prospectus, that portrays a coherent and universal brand image thanks to the use of colours, words and layout.

The creative team at Studio Projet Noir will pull all these elements together to create a brochure or prospectus design which not only encourages people to find out more about your company, but also serve as a physical brand presence.

This is the Studio Projet Noir promise: that our creative agency will produce a memorable brochure or prospectus which conveys through words and images that which makes you unique and different to everyone else, and that makes people want to talk about you and to you.