Gold for Packaging & Silver for TV Commercial – OpenArtAward 2018

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For the third consecutive year, Projet Noir has landed 2 international awards; Gold for Best Packaging and Silver for Best TV Commercial at the OpenArtAward International Advertising Award in Naples, Italy. Our works were selected among 1018 submissions from 131 participating agencies worldwide.

Fedrigoni Special Award – OpenArtAward 2017

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Projet Noir’s work was recognised this year when it won the 2017 Fedrigoni Special Award in Italy. Selected amongst 109 agencies with 818 entries, the prestigious award was given at the VI Edizione OpenArtAward International Advertising Award.

Proud to bring home another prestigious international award for our product label design.

This is what the judges had to say about our work:

Premiamo l’alto livello estetico e qualitativo di questo packaging ottenuto con l’utilizzo delle carte Fedrigoni che hanno così contribuito  a dare ai barattoli di biscotti un pregio che si percepisce non solo visivamente, grazie alla grafica pulita e raffinata, ma anche nella sensazione tattile che si ha nel toccarli.

Best Logo and Best Video Advert – OpenArtAward 2016

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This year has been one of highlights for Projet Noir, with the brightest of the bunch being the presentation of the OpenArtAward 2016 – International Advertising Award, held on Saturday October 15th, 2016 at the Palazzo delle Arti, Naples, Italy. Projet Noir was amongst the nominees for the special event, in a competition open to European creative and advertising agencies which work in the communications and marketing sector.

Created, curated, and organised by Openart Napoli, the OpenArt Award is the only Award in Italy to have an institutional value by being granted the Medaglia del Presidente della Republica (2014), and operates under the Patronage of the Italian representation of the European Commission, Council of Ministers, Ministry for Economic Development, the City of Naples and the Campania Region.

This year’s participation in the Award consisted of over 403 brands, 91 agencies, and 625 submitted works. Projet Noir were nominated in two categories; the best video advertising category (Elmo Insurance – Unbelievable) and the category for the creation of best logo (symbol & trademark)  (Renergy Ltd.). Jean Karl Izzo, Founder & Creative Director of Projet Noir, was proud to bring home both awards.

During the ceremony, a special ‘lifetime contribution’ prize for his work in the design and advertising world was given to Maestro Giovanni Brunazzi, whose iconic works, such as the Italia ’90 World Cup logo, FIAT advertising campaigns, the Piaggio and Crai visual identities amongst many others, need no introductions.

These awards are the perfect reward for the great teamwork at Projet Noir – today the team at Projet Noir celebrates this achievement and will get back to work with even greater motivation to keep on producing top-quality work.

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