You cannot present yourself to clients as scruffy and careless. If your corporate identity is not right, they might not actually see what is wrong – but they will realise something is not right and will not put their trust in you.

Our creative agency aims to create a corporate identity that everyone who is involved with your company, everybody who you do business with, will feel proud to be associated with.

Corporate Identity

It’s inevitable. We all judge books by their cover and corporations aren’t immune to this psychological quirk. Corporate identity is all about the visual look of your brand and what it means to your customers and employees.

Red invokes passion, blue tranquillity and yellow good cheer, or stress depending on who you ask! As a creative agency Studio Projet Noir specialises into create a corporate identity palette that paints in your employees’ and customers’ minds a picture they can all relate to.

Good corporate identity is an asset which every company should strive for, we at Studio Projet Noir make it easier for you to achieve it. Our creative agency will sit down with you and find out what makes your organisation tick.

Once we do so, we will set ourselves on designing a logo and a complete visual structure that distinguishes your corporate identity from the competition and serves as a powerful reminder to employees and customers about who you are and what you stand for.

As a creative agency, we at Studio Projet Noir we recognise that corporate identity isn’t simply a matter of good marketing. Even more fundamentally than that, corporate identity is a question of loyalty and morale. 

As a creative agency, we at Studio Projet Noir believe it is part of our job to weave into our aesthetic creations an emotional and intellectual component. In the eyes of other people, your corporate identity is how your organisation is personified in their minds. Is your corporate identity cool and hip, or reliable and efficient; posh and aristocratic or rugged and down-to-earth?

Studio Projet Noir works hard to ensure that your corporate identity shines through the visual structure we create around it, making sure that to your clients’ eyes your brand truly appears ‘one of us’.