Design is a strange creature to deal with. It is a child of art, but also a step-child to marketing. And of course, it’s also the father of usability.

Make no mistake about it, good design is all about selling. Every creative agency knows it and at Projet Noir we keep this in mind daily when we work on designs for our clients.

However, as a boutique creative agency we are not constrained by the linearity of corporate life.

Projet Noir freely (some would say constantly) breaks the mound of the mundane and creates designs that are full of energy and playfulness, as opposed to the drab and weary.

Design is the visual correlate to story. The message contained within the graphics Studio Projet Noir creates aims to rekindle in your clients’ minds all the memories they have about your brand.

How many times have you saved a promotional poster, snipped a favorite advert or put away an interesting product package? Or how often do you feel a pang of nostalgia when you chance upon an advert you hadn’t seen in decades? By virtue of its eye-catching appearance, a piece of brand material found a place in your heart.

Good design is at the heart of what Studio Projet Noir does best.

Everything is designed.
Few things are designed well.

Good design can enchant, direct and persuade people to choose your brand over another. A creative agency crafts graphics that do so purposefully and unambiguously, yet also subtly and with grace.

Good design helps clarify what people feel and believe about your brand, and encourages them to act accordingly.

As a creative agency, Studio Projet Noir labours to find the specific beauty in everyday things. We aim to elevate the ordinary and incorporate it in graphics that are fun, peculiar or simply inspiring to look at.

Our creative agency is not content with big creative ideas and poor execution. Instead we strive to detail and develop our ideas into something that will work for you in practice.

Only when we’re convinced that a design does justice to the brand do we sign our name to it.

Only at that point do we give it our imprimatur.

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