The advent of digital heralded the beginning of a new era in brand communication, marked by an instantaneous, multimedia and — most of all — interactive experience.

Your clients expect nothing less than a message that is finely-tuned to the digital medium they are (almost) permanently using.

Whether that’s a computer, smartphone or tablet, the Web or social media – they won’t let you off the hook unless you’re on the line.

That’s where Projet Noir comes in. As a boutique creative agency we have the flexibility to develop a unique branding solution for your digital needs that uses the native language of each digital platform you’re using.

We at Projet Noir ensure your site is search engine optimised, so that your digital message reaches as many people as possible. We won’t stop there though. Attracting eyeballs just isn’t enough.

Projet Noir isn’t your traditional creative agency. We also specialise in cultivating an impressive social media presence: one that naturally compels the kind of people you want to be your clients or business partners to interact with your brand.

Nowadays portfolios, tenders, brochures, presentations can be sent across the world at the click of a button. Communication has never been so efficient and important.

In today’s world we are witnessing the spilling over of digital from our desktops into our palms and pockets. And a creative agency has to respond accordingly, by tailoring its portfolio of services with the ways customers prefer consuming your brand’s message.

To assist your brand in being present wherever clients are, our creative agency also provides custom software and mobile app development that give your brand’s message legs to reach every corner of the digital marketplace.

At our creative agency, we take pride in having a very hands-on approach to design and implementation, and being constantly open to feedback in order to better our digital efforts in real-time. The team at Projet Noir is always seeking to improve on their own work, making sure every detail is pixel perfect before locking it in place.

It has never been so important to have a complete digital portfolio. Websites, mobile apps, digital presentations… Projet Noir has it all covered.

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