Nine out of ten presentations in meetings seem to project onto a wall the exact same words that you have in the handouts you have been given, making them the most boring of meetings and presentations ever!

Boredom costs money, but we at Projet Noir can change that. As a creative agency, we know that if you are presenting your work or services and trying to attract new clients for new business, your digital presentation cannot be boring or it will convince nobody.

Digital Presentations

We’ve all experienced it. Sitting through those excruciating 30 minutes, watching slide after slide fade in into view and out again. Why does it have to be like this? Digital presentations can be a powerful weapon in the arsenal of a speaker for a company presentation, but how many people can wield them effectively?

We at Projet Noir believe that great digital presentations aren’t there to simply to serve as an aide-memoire to the person doing the presentation. How useful can it truly be if everyone else falls asleep? As a creative agency, we believe that there is a better way.

Projet Noir specialises in creating digital presentations that are motivational and memorable. Our creative agency team will use its skills in graphic design to craft slides that make full use of the power of striking imagery, clear typography and lucid design layouts in your digital presentations.

A persuasive digital presentation has to be tailor made to fit with the needs of your audience. As a creative agency, Projet Noir offers you an antidote to boring presentations, by designing ones that trigger interest and maintain it throughout. Only then, can you rest assured that you’re getting the most out of your digital presentations.

As a creative agency, our digital presentations are designed to grab the viewer’s attention because they contain the right imagery, have the right amount of text which matters and is presented in beautiful typography. All these elements combine to make it easier to communicate visually and get your message through with your digital presentation.

Projet Noir can design a digital presentation that will get your audience to sit up and listen to what you are saying, thus getting you one step closer to your presentation goals.