Editorial design is an exercise in combining technical detail with artistic flair.

Our characteristic attention to detail to the core components of editorial design is driven by the same principles that guides all of our efforts: beauty, simplicity and functionality. When working with a creative agency, your business demands nothing less.

Editorial design

Here at Projet Noir, we see ourselves as curators of good image. We revel in putting things together such that the various elements become one beautiful whole. Nowhere is this more evident than in the process of editorial design.

As a creative agency, Projet Noir can handle editorial design for a variety of publications, including magazines and other formats.

In fact, magazines, perhaps more than any other format, are a perfect illustration of how the many elements of graphic design can come together in one place: images, illustration, photography, logos and mastheads, information design, paper stock and so on, all contributing an important part in the editorial design.

Editorial design involves both text and picture, so a keen understanding of typography, layouts, grids and composition is also essential. As a creative agency, Projet Noir will handle every aspect of your publication’s editorial design, being it textual or visual, such that the final product will be something that exceeds your expectations, and those of your readers.

Your readership is at the centre of our editorial design efforts here at Projet Noir. Our creative agency understands that the success of your publications depends primarily on clear communication and consistent story telling.

Both of these aspects demand rigorous applications in editorial design of grid layouts and the establishment of visual hierarchies in order to keep readers entertained while they consume the content.

Projet Noir will create an editorial design that is tailored to your readers’ needs and which helps them derive the most out of your publication.

Whether it is intended to inform or amuse them, our creative agency will come up with an editorial design plan that fulfils your needs and keeps your reader turning pages.