The value of true creativity is that it effectively and accurately communicates the message you hope to convey through your event.

Event and exhibition branding as a marketing medium enable brands and companies to break through this barrier in a vibrant, targeted and measurable way.

Event & Exhibition Branding

There are hundreds, if not thousands of marketing messages that daily vie for our attention. Many of them we choose to ignore, most don’t even make a dent in our consciousness.

As a creative agency, Projet Noir makes sure that your brand message rises above the rest. 

Despite being a small creative agency, Projet Noir can handle all your event and exhibition branding needs and create top-notch material which generates a buzz even before the event itself. Any creative agency knows that successful event and exhibition branding depends as much on the period in the run up to the event, as what happens during the event.

Our boutique creative agency can provide all you need to create genuine anticipation and excitement in your event and exhibition branding.

Event and exhibition branding involves everything from electronic invites and temporary websites to stylish, personally written letters and strategically placed posters. Projet Noir can provide innovative and creative event and exhibition branding solutions to create just the right amount of awareness, anticipation and enthusiasm.

As a creative agency dealing with event and exhibition branding, we at Projet Noir can also provide a complete range of design, print and digital services that includes copy writing, artwork and photography, menus, poster boards and brochures. These will guarantee the success of your event and exhibition branding efforts.

A combination of all of these event and exhibition branding elements will not only help enhance your brand’s image, but also break the ice with your customers, who will be more receptive to your message.

Projet Noir makes sure that thanks to your event and exhibition branding, you’re ready to meet face-to-face with potential clients and leave a lasting impression.

By creating professional-looking invites and posters we set the mood. By providing you with high-quality print material to distribute during the event, we make sure you’re the soul of the party.

Where all that can lead to is all up to you.