Illustration can give your marketing a unique competitive edge.

As a creative agency we believe that illustrations are both a return to the basics of marketing — drawings have graced adverts since the very beginning — as well as a modern trend in high-end animated production.


Illustrations can convey meaning with a depth and immediacy that words often struggle to manage. Done well, illustrations can cut across the barriers of language and be equally understood by all those who see them.

At Projet Noir, we believe that a creative agency should work hand-in-hand with your company to be able to convey in pictures what is typically expressed in words. This is key to being more persuasive in your communication, create understanding and express your proposition better to your target audience.

As a creative agency, illustrations are an integral part of what we do and using illustrations for branding and marketing purposes is second nature. We at Projet Noir believe that illustrations can sell your offer faster, with more conviction and with a longer lasting, positive impression.

Harnessing the power of illustration should be one of the top priorities for brands and companies that are seeking to put their message across to a wide audience.

At Projet Noir we believe that illustrations are a unique device that stretches the boundaries of imagination and communicates at a level that goes much deeper than words.

As a creative agency, our illustrators at Projet Noir can produce image materials designed for all kinds of dynamic uses.

Whether you are looking for distinctive visual impact and simplified production that is easily adaptable to advertising, the Web or TV, we can provide you with eye-catching digital illustrations and hand-drawn illustrations that speak to both heart and mind.

The illustrators at Projet Noir can create illustrations that can be used for different channels, including digital advertising, marketing, books, manuals, presentations and much more. Our creative agency will support your company in finding a style that best captures your identity and appeals to your audience.