Logos are extremely important. As soon as you see the swoosh you know it’s a Nike product. Babies can recognise the McDonald’s ‘M’ now, they get excited even if  the parents drive past.

Our team at Projet Noir will lovingly takes your ideas, no matter how advanced or basic they are, and mold them into a logo design that strikes the eye as much as your customers’ fancy.

Logo Design

For many businesses, a logo is the starting point of their brand. A distinctive logo instantly calls to mind the brand behind, serving as a mental shorthand which gives you the shortest route into your customers’ minds and hearts.

An apple, a swosh sign, golden arches. A great logo design is simple and practical. Every creative agency knows that the best logo design is often a mundane object, or symbol, that thanks to powerful branding transcend their everyday connotations and become identifiers for a particular company.

As a creative agency, Projet Noir understands the ins and outs of logo design; the aesthetics and mechanics that underlie compelling visuals which sell. Whether you hand Projet Noir your own scribblings on a napkin, a fully-fledged design waiting to be implemented, or come to our creative agency without a particular logo design in mind, our team will help create a design you can identify with.

We at Projet Noir all know that the more people that can recognise your logo design, the more successful it is. In design, first impressions count – a lot – and we at Projet Noir won’t leave anything up to chance. The logo design process is as crucial a phase as any in the branding process, and our creative agency will work to create a logo design that you can sincerely call your own.

After the logo design process is done, we will show you how it works in different environments. Many people have logos that look fine in one environment but fail miserably in others.

Our creative agency will ensure that wherever your logo design is, your brand identity will come out loud and clear, and hence really make a first impression that counts.