The most prevailing thing on any publication or website is excellent imagery. To get those images looking great you need the right photographer for the right job.

Photography isn’t only about striking images, it’s also about evoking feelings. Our creative agency will pay attention to both aspects when looking for the right image to complement your brand.


Every picture tells a story, and Projet Noir provides you with photography services that help you tell yours.

Our creative agency has some of the island’s best photography experts at its disposal, ready to hunt high and low for that perfect image.

Whether you need landscapes, portraits or any kind of photography, Projet Noir can provide you with the images you need to grab people’s attention and encourage them to invest into your brand.

As a creative agency, Projet Noir will zoom in into the emotional connection that your brand wants to set up with its customers, and deliver photography that create exactly the kind of bond you’re looking for.

As a creative agency, we believe that professional photography is a vital aspect of any company’s branding efforts. People want to connect with people and they expect your company to be able to sound, feel and look human.

Having high-quality photography on your company material that portray the places, the people and the events that relate to your business is a brilliant way to bring your brand closer to its audience.

As a creative agency, we are in the right position to help your company with its photography needs. The team at Projet Noir is steeped in images and graphics, and our people’s artistic mindset can complement perfectly your business acumen, helping you externalise in the form of photography both your brand’s and your customers’ aspirations.

Photography is an art-form as much as it is a science. You wouldn’t send a mechanic to an emergency scene where a paramedic is required and Projet Noir wouldn’t send an architectural photographer to shoot portraits. Leaving the camera in the hands of professionals is the best way to ensure that your images are most effective.