Elmo Insurance

Unbelievable Campaign

Elmo Insurance entrusted us to produce a TV commercial together with a fully-fledged advertising campaign helping them increase their sales and leading us to an international award for best TVC.

For the launch of Elmo Insurance into TV Commercials, Projet Noir suggested the promotion of the client’s core belief: Always there when you’re in need; together with highlighting their wide range of solutions.

Specifically developed to appeal to both male and female viewers and to today’s sefie-age/trends, we also wanted an element of humour to come through in our advert.

This commercial parodies the sharing of selfies on social media when something much more dramatic or the unbelievable is actually happening. But it is ok because Elmo is always present taking care of the grand scheme of things so you are able to always see the positive side of life.

The campaign launched on primetime local TV and was also subsequently launched on social media, web, radio and print.