Michael’s Restaurant

We wanted to create something unique and personal which represented Chef Michael Cauchi, an identity that is unique as the chef’s touch and his love for Mediterranean and fish based dishes.

Michael’s is a restaurant which fuses together the traditional and the cutting edge and is fittingly housed in Valletta; a historic city also at the nexus of tradition and the brand new, yet, in perfect harmony. Chef Michael Cauchi is highly regarded locally and he has served his fare to many dignitaries.

After taking a long summer break, Michael’s wanted to re-open its doors with new menus and a fresh new look.  Projet Noir was entrusted with taking care of this project. We created a motif influenced by a fingerprint and a clam: both representative of the chef and his passion.

We customised a clean and lower-case Avant Garde, keeping the typeface simple and approachable; in harmony with the more complex motif.

Chef Michael Cauchi was overwhelmed with the identity presented and how we managed to capture his story. The restaurant has gone on to gain substantial media coverage and we are now working with Michael’s restaurant to support their increasing success and exposure.

Projet Noir also took care of all the collateral material, menu design, photography and art direction, copywriting services, e-mail marketing campaigns together with an online presence through the website launched in 2015.