Designing to differentiate; sell in-store & online.

Too many brands invest in expensive advertising campaigns and groundbreaking product branding only to fall at the final obstacle: getting from shelf to checkout.

Product Branding

As a creative agency, we at Projet Noir like to think a lot about the myriad ways we can help companies create a successful brand image that takes their message far and wide.

However, our creative agency doesn’t only focus on the macro aspects of branding. Project Noir does a great job at the micro stuff too!

Product branding gives a personalised and curated image to your products, such that it speaks directly to its intended customer and thus setting your product branding apart from the thousands of products fighting for your customer’s attention, as they make they way along a supermarket’s shelves or browse for products online.

Projet Noir’s team of creatives refuse to accept the tired and old ways of product branding. Shiny packages with a lacklustre message just won’t cut it.

Our creative agency strives to create product branding that not only stands out from the crowd aesthetically, but also balances vital product facts with emotional product branding promises, to create product branding that stands out among its peers and is most compelling to customers.a

Projet Noir’s product branding ensures that your products earn the customers’ trust and maintain it throughout the whole process. We know that customers can be very selective: our job as a creative agency is to make sure that your product branding makes the cut, each and every time.

As a small creative agency, Projet Noir can be more in touch with the desires and concerns of your individual buyers than our corporate counterparts who see them as numbers on a chart.

We at Projet Noir can create product branding that is more in tune with your customers’ belief, helping them see your products as a logical choice to add to their shopping cart, and to their life.