The importance of social media in today’s age is evident. It helps companies by increasing brand awareness and improving communication efficiency.

Projet Noir can design custom images to help brand your social media pages in a way that is consistent with the rest of your brand’s branding strategy.

Social Media

Many brands have to be led kicking and screaming into the social web.

For too long they’ve been hogging the spotlight, preaching their message to their audience, with little or no interaction between them. Social media has broken down this barrier, putting your brand’s firms at the centre of the conversation.

We at Projet Noir help you tackle the challenges and grasp the opportunities of social media in a strategic and effective manner. As a boutique creative agency, we have our fingers on the pulse of your fan’s likes and dislikes, and we’ll make sure your brand is one of the most likeable around on social media.

As a creative agency we know that ensuring consistent visuals from one channel to the other means that your customers know exactly who they’re dealing with, and can expect a uniform experience throughout.

As a creative agency, Projet Noir strives to be at the forefront of social media branding. Our team of creatives are all the time honing their social media skills, so that when it comes to designing your social media pages, they’ll help you reach the results you want faster.

Projet Noir brings to social media the same philosophy that guides all our branding efforts in other channels. In each case, professionally designed branding material, carefully chosen imagery and a curated look that only a creative agency like ours can offer trumps default every time.

We help you set your brand apart on social media and, in an increasingly noisy and crowded space, we make sure your brand can make itself heard on social media by first listening carefully to what the fans are asking for.

As a creative agency, Projet Noir will support your brand as it navigates the waters of social media, ensuring that the directions you take are always consistent with the branding decisions you make.