The number of tenders submitted for each contract is double what it was a few years ago, yet still people don’t put enough effort into their submissions.

Thanks to our tender design, your submission will represent your brand identity throughout and help convey a consistent image that infuses your brand with credibility in the eyes of whoever reads it.

Tender Design

Nowhere is smart, professional design work and originality appreciated more than in the ultra-competitive arena of the tendering process. And good tender document design is as important as the content in it, possibly even more so.

With the help of a creative agency, a carefully thought-out design can make any tender document simpler to read and assimilate, emphasising key points and driving home the message that you want to pass across.

We at Projet Noir create tender designs that look incredible, are easy to read and demonstrate an understanding of the people our clients are proposing to. We use our experience as a creative agency to make your document one that readers will remember.

As a creative agency, we take tender design very seriously because we know that you do too. When your brand is on the stage, Projet Noir will help it shine thanks to a beautiful tender design that lucidly makes its point both textually and visually.

Our creative agency will integrate your tender design with your brand visual structure, thus ensuring that you give a consistent image which communicates reliability and trustworthiness.

At Projet Noir we realise that tender design is a delicate process that can significantly affect the chances of a company being chosen or not for the task.

Our tender document designs are meant to capture the readers attention from the very first page and see them through till the end. Like any other creative agency, we believe that good tender design facilitates this process. We at Projet Noir will work to make this happen to your tender submission and increase the chances of a favourable outcome.

Competition for work is fiercer than ever and for many companies the tendering process can be long, painful and ultimately fruitless. We at Projet Noir make sure that your company is set up for success from the start.